Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 3 in Guatamala!

Hello Interact friends and family! Everyone was very busy today. We started our day with breakfast at the hotel. Then everyone went next door to get on the pickup trucks to build stoves while Mrs. Richards and Emily M went to the preschool. We didn´t  have any help from the South African group today, but we still managed to build 8 stoves in the rain!  We finished building all the stoves in San Antonio then met Emily and Mrs. Richards to eat lunch. While everyone was in San Antonio, Emily M and Mrs.Richards visited a preschool in San Jorge. We helped the preschoolers learn the Spanish alphabet with coloring books. The kids were so excited to see us and didn´t want to say goodbye. After the preschool, we went to help at a senior center that feeds seniors and orphans. They were so thankful that we were there. The oldest woman was 93! Many children had to come to the senior center to pickup food for their grandparents because they aren´t able to walk there themselves. After both groups met and had lunch we all went to build 4 stoves in San Jorge. While at one of the houses, we met a group of boys. They were very funny and sweet. When we were done with our first house, they followed us to the next one. When it started to rain again some of the kids huddled under Blake´s poncho and some helped hold a tarp over Ellie and Chelsea. They were so sweet and even ran after our truck as we were leaving. One of the houses had a flower inside that the whole family seems very proud of. We found out that the grandmother brought a flower all the way from her home village on her wedding day and planted it in her house, since then it has grown and bloomed. Everyone in the family was so proud of it and was more than happy to show everyone and tell them the story. Overall, today was just an amazing day. Everyone is healthy and is having fun.
Love your blogger of the day,
Emily Messmer (blogger number 3)

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