Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 6

Hello family and friends.
Half of us had another beautiful day in San Jorge building a house, while the other half of us spent the day at San Andraes  playing with the kids at the preschool and visiting our LHS Interact Pre-school sponsees, Lucas and Mariela. Everyone is having a wonderful time and we are very healthy. All of the interacters are having a wonderful time playing with the children and we are creating a real connection with them. The women and men are very grateful of our presence here and  appreciate every little thing we do for them or their children. The children are thrilled just to have one sticker and to see the look on their faces when we give them more just makes every one's day. Overall, today was an amazing day making the lives better of as many people we can.

From Your Blogger of The Day
Blake Theodore

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