Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 5

Hello family and friends. We are all doing very well this evening. We installed two stoves in Pana and another two stoves in El Barranco. We were blessed with having the opportunity to watch a show put on by the children attending a preforming arts school there. It was very enjoyable. At the end they asked us to dance with them . Four of our Interactors joined them. After the show was over we clothed about 300 locals. We also gave the children a few school supplies. This is all thanks to our wonderful donations we recieved for our trip. While some were helping clothe the families, the others entertained the children. Stickers as well as candy of all kinds were enjoyed by all. After we returned we had the wonderful opportunity to try on traditional clothing, thanks to our Mayan Family partnership. We were then taken out to eat. Everyone enjoyed the large variety of food available.  
Love our 5th Blogger,
Colleen Yoder

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